"You are stronger than you think you are"


I didn’t even realize it until you put them side by side I can actually see the difference. My arms are getting toned! This just motivated me even more! Ive lost 10 lbs! Thank you so much!! 


I now look forward to going to the gym and making progress, I’m much more confident in general because I feel stronger! I even got my highest army physical fitness test score 7 weeks into the program just by being consistent. It really helped to have support from chandler....


The results are life changing. I gained muscle, lost fat, became more energized, was able to get rid of the bloat and consultation I usually suffer from with small nutritional changes that Chandler suggested, and my mental state has been delightful. The quick tempered, easily stressed, worry wart of a woman is now a stranger and I am feeling confident and beautiful as ever. Thank you chandler for all the support, the patience, and the encouragement you gave throughout 💕💕


"Wow okay first of all, I am so impressed that six weeks made such a difference. I truly didn't expect to see many differences. Considering I was starting to think it was impossible for me to lose weight/fat, I did! I lost 6.6lbs and at alteas and inch everywhere!"


"I'm shook. I went from 67.3kg to 65.2kg which is mad, but mostly I just feel much more confident. I feel so powerful. I feel much stronger thatn I was at the start and now I'm just ready for the next one!"

-Abigail B.

Getting Closer to my Pre baby body! Thank you so much Chandler


Testimonials Continued...

I am lifting heavier for both lower and upper body. When I started I could only do 55 lbs for hip thrust, now I can do 100 lbs on the bar!!


I am amazed by my results. I can see so many new lines and definition in my body. I am so much stronger healthier and most importantly happier. My confidence has shot up in the gym. I am so thankful for this challenge you put together. I look forward to using these workouts in the future.


 Did your workouts from the at home plan. I really love it! Thank you so much for making it! Since I've been pregnant I haven't had the chance to workout as much as I'd like so this really helps.

Abriana M.

I am soo obsessed with it! I love how it changes things up and has me constantly doing something new! I get bored so easily bit this has definitely not done that! Ive been pushed so much, thank you!

Heather M.

Your program has kept me so motivated! 3 weeks and my pants are already fitting better!

Kaylin S.


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