Beginners Guide to Nutrition
Beginners Guide to Nutrition

Beginners Guide to Nutrition

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In this ebook 25+ page PDF, I am going to speak about the basics of nutrition and how to track your macros. When you start your fitness journey it is hard to know where to start when it comes to nutrition and what approach to take because there are so many different options. There is a lot of information on the internet this guide puts all the basics into one ebook so you can save and easily find your way to a healthy lifestyle based on your goals.


  1. How to calculate you macros 
  2. Busting Fitness Industry myths
  3. Recipes 
  4. Basic nutrition info
  5. Finding what works for you and your goals
  6. Good for Fat Loss, weight gain or just trying to become the healthiest version of yourself
  7. & Much More




Disclaimer: This is not a meal plan. It will not tell you exactly what to eat, everyone's body is different. It will give you basic knowledge in order to create your own healthy lifestyle.